Where would you like to stay during your stay in Spain?
We provide you with the best touristic accommodations and with any types of options and guarantees for your customers.

Our experience since 1993 allow us to offer you a wise and specialised selection of accommodations in inns, campsites, apartments and hotels from 1 to 5 stars in the Costa Brava, Costa Barcelona – Maresme, Costa Daurada and Costa del Sol for the beach and sun lovers.

For those who wants to discover our country, our accommodations offer expands itself to the entire peninsula. Our unbeatable negotiated prices include services from our most precious asset, our professional and multilinguals office team and guides, which will take care of and advise your customers during all your stay.

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We are always looking for providing you the very best. We are proud of our products and we work hard every day to offer you optimal touristic solutions.